Typical Client Results

  • A dramatic improvement in organization speed and functioning.
  • Accelerated achievement of strategic goals.
  • Measurable improvement in leadership effectiveness at all levels of the organization.
  • An organization sharply-focused on the strategy.
  • An energized, collaborative and committed management team.
  • Successful organizational change – on time and within budget.
  • A dramatic increase in return on people.
  • My work directly led to client companies recognition including:
    1. Wal~Mart Vendor of the Year
    2. Top 100 U.S. Training Organization
    3. Inc 500 recognition

Project Examples

Business Strategy, Strategy Implementation and Change Leadership

  • Strategic planning for numerous organizations including: An international consumer goods manufacturing company, a large metropolitan hospital system, a North American Division of a $10 billion foreign-owned global automotive components manufacturer, a commercial construction company with operations in New York and Florida, the North American branches of a New Zealand-based non-profit educational institution, a U.S. national nonprofit, and others.
  • Strategic and operating interim leadership for a Fortune 500 company during one of the largest bankruptcies in U.S. history. Involved 15,000 employees in over 500 locations across 32 states and Latin America.
  • Strategy implementation and major organizational change for $1.2 billion gas and electric utility.
  • Organization structure design and change projects for a public sector regional transit system, a large urban school district, a $3 billion food processing company, a Fortune 500 broadband company, among others.

Organization Development and Talent Management

  • Human resource strategy for a large food management company, several consumer goods manufacturers, a city school district, a large credit union, a broadband company, a financial services company, and more.
  • CEO and management succession, development, and review processes for many companies including a railroad, several consumer goods companies, a consumer food company, a large Midwest hospital system, a transit system, a large credit union, several industrial components manufacturers, an industrial refrigeration company, a large credit processing company, and many others.
  • Restructuring of the global human resource organization for a $4 billion food processing company, a $3 billion broadband company, a large urban school district, a large retail bank, and many others.
  • Projects to improve strategy implementation and talent management including learning and development strategy, management development and retention strategy, compensation review, comprehensive benefits review, labor relations strategy, organizational reviews, and communications strategy for numerous organizations.