Case Study 10

Organization Structure and Performance Improvement at Rochester City School District

The challenge

The CFO of a large urban school district with 8,000 employees and a budget of $675 million wanted to improve performance and cost effectiveness of the finance organization. Recent retirements had provided an opportunity to redistribute workloads, clarify roles and accountabilities and focus the area on key operating measures. I was contacted to assist with organization restructuring and performance improvement.

What I did

Working directly with the CFO and his team, we reviewed the district’s overall objectives and refined the finance organization’s direction and objectives. Together, we brainstormed alternative organization structures along with advantages and disadvantages, and chose the one which best supported the objectives. I guided managers in the development of each position’s role and accountabilities and performance measures, as well as the process to communicate and implement the new structure. The process included coaching the CFO on leading the change.


The finance area had measurable improvements in performance, staffing headcount, and cost. The CFO felt good about the process and the results, and more confident in his organization.