Case Study 2

Strategy Implementation and Organizational Change for Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation

The challenge

This $1.2 billion gas and electric utility had developed a business strategy that depended heavily on implementation of SAP enterprise resource system for process improvement in every part of the company.  The finance module, the first of seven modules, was being implemented, but employees refused to use the new system.  I was called in to ensure success of the SAP implementation and the overall business strategy.   Working with senior executives, middle managers and the entire project team, I guided the change leadership process to ensure on-time implementation of the SAP system.   

What I did

I worked with senior managers to enhance their oversight and change leadership skills, and guided the project management team on an approach to improve change management effectiveness and correct current problems.  This involved education and discussion with senior management about change management principles and skills, as well as regular meetings with the project team over the course of a year to assess change readiness, employee resistance, communications, and anticipated issues as the project progressed.  Through guided discussions the team was able to be on top of project priorities and employee needs, acting when needed to provide additional communication and support for employees in all areas.


The SAP implementation was brought back on track and completed on time and 5% under budget.  The project team operated effectively, implementing the software while managing the impact of the changes on all parts of the organization.  The change skills learned by the executive team and the project team are now resident in the organization and will be invaluable for future changes.  The project leads in strategic planning and finance were delighted to have delivered the project on-time, especially after the difficult start, and were both recognized for their outstanding performance.

“Bob helped us implement our project on-time and under budget.  He knows how to successfully manage large-scale change projects for results.”

William J. Reddy
Vice President and Controller RGS Energy Group, Inc.

“Bob Legge brings two key ingredients to the table for change management on a project: attitude and capability.  His positive, motivational attitude is contagious.  It sets the tempo and creates an atmosphere of success.  The capability he brings is both broad and deep.  He understands the concepts of change management, the current attitude in much of the business world to change, the business functions, and the criteria needed to bring success.  I needed a consultant who could lead and do.  Bob delivered.  He’s organized, communicates well and worked shoulder to shoulder with our team.  He gets results.  His team of professionals was a pleasure to work with from start to finish.”

Robert Read
Rochester Gas & Electric

“Establishing honest, open communications and gaining cooperation across all levels of company employees requires unique skills and proven trust.  Bob accomplished this in record time.  His team became recognized as dedicated and talented professionals that considered our success as important to them as it is to us.  The change management effort led by Bob was a key ingredient in the smooth implementation and ultimate success of our corporate wide project.”

Gary Meier Strategic
Planning Services Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation