My work is primarily consulting, working in collaboration with executives to achieve significantly improved performance and results. I also provide coaching and mentoring, working directly with executives to improve individual performance and effectiveness.

I assist leaders and top management teams to build a strong foundation to improve performance and accelerate growth. Together, we define a clear vision, pragmatic strategy, and an organizational blueprint to energize and focus people to achieve new goals.

The results include a distinctive strategy, effective leaders throughout the organization, a sharply-focused organization, and a high return on people.

The benefits to leadership go way beyond improved organization performance. Management teams come together and identify growth opportunities and a common set of goals. And because this work is the backbone for how client teams think about the future, they have a more energized organization, and a leadership team that envisions the same future as well as concrete ways to achieve it. For some organizations it truly is transformational change. For others, it’s simply getting everyone on the same page for the first time, ready to work in close collaboration to achieve higher goals.

The work itself is challenging, stimulating and rewarding – a creative process that engages executives, and gets them to think outside the box and question their assumptions. It renews energy and sharpens focus. For any leader, it is an investment providing a high return.

I provide a unique blend of strategic thinking, leadership coaching, and organization consulting – from strategic planning and implementation and leading change, to building collaborative teams and one-on-one coaching. Specific offerings include senior leadership strategy events, leadership retreats, leadership coaching, organization development, strategic planning and organization consulting.

This work is for healthy, successful organizations who want to evolve, transform their businesses and challenge themselves to achieve a higher level of performance and growth.

These values drive my work with clients:

  • I am passionate about improving my client’s condition.
  • I believe every company must have a distinctive strategy, an appropriate leadership style, and a sharply-focused organization to be successful.
  • I value a tight collaboration with the organizational leader to develop a clear vision of the organization’s future and hone the leader’s ability to articulate that vision.
  • My work maximizes return on people because it is based on the compelling premise that people want to work for a company where they understand the company mission and strategy and feel that the company’s success is personally important to them.
  • I believe every organization is different and that it needs to find its own approach to the market, its own most effective leadership style, and its own productive culture, and I use methods and tools to accelerate the process.
  • I believe that my skills, abilities, and track record of accomplishments are exactly suited to helping leaders and their companies excel at these challenges.

My work is based on these principles:

  1. I work as a partner with my client. Together we succeed in accomplishing my client’s objectives. My role is to accelerate my clients effectiveness and organization development in half the time than could normally be accomplished.
  2. Before any work begins we get very clear on the objectives to be accomplished, how we will measure our progress, and the value of the project to my client and his/her organization.
  3. While progress is usually dependent upon an investment in resources, almost always that investment comes from redirecting current resources, rather than adding new resources.
  4. My clients benefit most by achieving desired results as quickly as possible. My fees are based on my contributions to the success of the project and the value of the results. Normally my work provides a return of at least ten times my fees.
  5. I will always maintain a professional approach and work toward my clients’ best interests.